The Other Side

Oct 19, 2020

The Other Side horror anthology is out now! Get it before it gets you. 

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Theremin Fuzz!

Oct 15, 2020
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This is awesome... 

For all of you guitar players out there, Parasit Studio makes custom theremin pedals to turn your guitar tone into a bloody horror movie.

For the more technologically advanced, you can also buy the pieces and wire it yourself. Your old pal HvW has no such technical prowess. Sure, I can dice up a body pretty good, but don't ask me to solder anything. 

Tis the season. Keep it spooky,


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The Contritionist

Oct 09, 2020
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More news on this coming soon...

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The Other Side

Oct 08, 2020

Everyone's favorite haunted bar--"Marvin's Tavern"--will be featured in Devil's Rock's upcoming anthology, "The Other Side."

Check out the work of the excellent authors who contributed to this anthology!

It's gonna be killer.


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House of Flies

Sep 28, 2020

Don't stray too far from home.

Find my poem, "House of Flies" in Novel Noctule's September issue...

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Hookman and Friends

Aug 17, 2020
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Coming soon to a bookshelf near you: DBND's Hookman and Friends.

Read my short story, "The White Cross on Resurrection Drive."

Not all hookmen carry hooks. But they are undead... and this one will kill you.

Keep it spooky,


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Playing Ferryman

Jul 09, 2020
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You may not know this about me, but I'm not a very handy kind of man. That's why I'm excited to show you my kayak loaded on top of a cart, connected to my bike by a cool device called a Dumb Stick

It recently came to my attention that my house is about 1 mile from a river that runs over 100 miles long. I had a dream that I took a kayak down that river, and it became too potent of an idea to forget.

It turns out the mile trip to the river is one of those elusive ones that manages to be uphill both ways. Nonetheless, I made it! Of course, it started to rain as soon as I put the boat in the water. That didn't deter me, but then the tornado sirens started... and that sent me packing.

Until next time, River,


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Joel Schumacher

Jun 22, 2020
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Movie aficionados will remember Joel Schumacher's legacy with fondness, and horror movie fans are forever indebted to him for his masterpiece, "The Lost Boys."

Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die.


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Jun 13, 2020

For those of you in the action figure collection business, check out Quake's pandemic reopening... just in time for Heinrich's birthday!

Happy shopping,


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Scare You to Sleep: A Scream Before Dawn

May 22, 2020

It is the highlight of my horror writing career to have "A Scream Before Dawn" presented by Shelby Scott on her Scare You to Sleep Podcast.

She did an incredible job bringing the story to life in the way that only she knows how to do. You can find episode 116: Dance Again here, where the story begins at abou tthe 19 minute mark.

Check out everything else Scare You to Sleep has to offer at their website, and on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Friday, and keep it spooky,


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