Mopping the Blood off of the Walls

Nov 16, 2019

For all the blood spilled across the stories I've written, I never once apologized to - never even once considered - the poor saps who have to wipe down the walls and floors. My dog, Rowdy, has taken to violently shaking his head to scratch an itch in his floppy ears. In doing so, he's actually busted a blood vessel, which has evolved to a bleeding wound on the tip of his right ear. Despite whatever bandages or Liquid Skin you might think would solve the problem, nothing works as well as time - at least according ot his vet. As such, even in the midst of his healing process, he is still shaking his head and spraying all sorts of blood splatters on our walls. I've come to realize that warm water on a wash cloth works wonders to clean it, at least so long as you catch it while it's fresh. Alas, should anyone ever accuse me of a murder and search my home for DNA, they're going to find a lot of inhuman blood stains.

Keep it spooky,