Screams Before Dawn

Heinrich von Wolfcastle proudly presents Screams Before Dawn - twelve ghastly tales of terror featuring memorable monsters and their dynamic victims.

In SHE SAID HER NAME WAS SPOOKIE, a misogynistic politician finds himself being eaten alive as he lets his lust for a succubus consume him. BIRD'S THE WORD follows an angry and gangly teenage boy too stubborn to ask for help; fittingly, the surly Bird gets the worm. The sons of the grave digging Grebert family come to realize that they'll need to dig even deeper if they want to keep their business alive in VULTURES OF THE AFTERMATH. The xenophobic and misanthropic tension builds in each successive story until it bursts during THE LAST DAY ON EARTH when it becomes clear that people are as horrific as the monsters they imagine. The collection concludes with AMBASSADORS OF AMBROSIA where a privileged social outcast is confronted with the dreadful truth that all are equal in the eyes of death.

“Screams Before Dawn is an engaging page turner with a variety of stories that offer something different each time. Seek it out.” -Scream Magazine